Closet Sweep: Day 11

Forgive the picture.I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of my outfit after I came home at 2 in the morning.


My standard uniform of long shirt + skinny jeans + one accessory

Shirt: A utility shirt in bottle green.
Pants: Gap skinny jeans. Having only two jeans makes things so much simpler.
Scarf: Ajrak stole. I like collecting weaves and prints, which is an indirect way of saying I shop at FabIndia. I especially like Ajrak and have been looking for a good quality print. I love the unusual motifs of this one, and am looking for the more traditional constellation print in soft gajji silk.


Shoes: Those Clarks platforms because I am too lazy to put them back in the closest and take another pair out.

Closet sweep: Day 10

I am feeling a little optimistic today and a lot more tolerant of thoughts of the ‘what should I wear today’ variety.


Top: A pale silk tank with knot-back. It had this strange pouch in the front, that I undid so now it cowls rather nicely. I used to have a rose pink jersey tank which I wore every day till it divorced me because I was too needy. This silk tank fills that gap elegantly for just Rs 200. Whore.


Jacket: The tank is not work safe because of the low back and neck. So I threw on this vintage Christian Dior blazer. I’m thinking of replacing the buttons with flat gold ones to give it a more military air.

Jeans: Gap skinnies from H2O.

Accessories: These glasses. I have three pairs of glasses not because I am vain, but because I need one to find the other. I am really blind. These are my most expensive pair and after I saved up and bought them, my husband pointed out they are Hugo Boss. SO THAT’S WHY THEY COST SO MUCH! I am short-sighted so can’t read things that are close by when I have my glasses on. Also, the Titan seduction watch.


Shoes: Reliable Mary Janes by Mancini from Tel Aviv bought in 2007. Broad toe, flat, slip-off-able, cushioned.


Tushar’s opinion: You look like a strange school-teacher. Like a yedi Julia Roberts from Mona Lisa Smile. You want to overthrow patriarchy and free these girls from the shackles of hegemony. But you are silly.


Jaison: You look homeless.

Me: Homeless teacher?

Jaison: Ya! I was just going to say teacher.

Me: Like Julia Roberts if Mona Lisa Smile bombed?

Jaison: Wouldn’t you be a prostitute then?

Me: That’s if Pretty Woman bombed.

Jaison: You caught her in the right moment of her career then.

I think this is a good look.

Closet sweep: Day 9

Meltdown. Don’t want to think about what to wear. But have interviews lines up.


Top: Zara tee, bought on sale. Also bought the navy blue one.

Jeans: Sykes straight fit. For a year now, I have been wearing extremely comfortable high waist skinnies, so these were a rude shock. They are low waist of the cruel kind — muffin top, ample crack display, cutting into the skin. I couldn’t wait to get out of these. I also have the same pair in a lighter wash. If they are your kind of jeans (waist 30) and are willing to reimburse me for the courier charges, they’re yours. Ping me at mitali.parekh at gmail.

Blazer: Mumbai is cooling down enough for a linen blazer in the evening. I bought this vintage one online and had it lined with yellow silk. Yellow and rose pink are my neutrals.

Shoes: Ochre T-straps with wingtip details. To echo the lining and break up the outfit.


Accessories: Silver hoops, G-shock watch and the red sling bag.

I didn’t look like I had just gotten out of bed and that was the look I was aiming for.

Closet sweep: Day 8

I had to interview a few people from fashion today. This is me making an effort.


Shirt: Silk, long. From Bandra for Rs 550.
Jeans: Mango. The best. Do not regret buying these at all. Of course, they don’t make them anymore.
Shoes: These by Clarks. They are basic with just a hint of elevation to be respectful.


Bag: This is not an appropriate bag, but I was carrying another one with the dabba, so wanted a sling.


Accessories: Silver hoops and Seiko.

Fuss-free, efficient and presentable.

Closet sweep: Day 7

Is it possible to whittle a closet down to just 10 items like they say in magazines? And devote time to maintaining them instead of buying more. Eventually, of course, you would have more clothes, but that would come from time and not urge. Looking into my closet is making me look into myself, and when the abyss stares back, my friends, it is not a good look. As my old Philosophy teacher, Professor Dave, who used to READ OUT my name as Nirali said, philosophy is where you find it — try thinking about Advaita while you are in the loo.


Monday morning, I woke up wanting to watch the world burn. All my assignments were out of office and I needed to carry several bags. Out come old faithful, the outfit I would way day-after-day if I could do the laundry regularly.

Top: Now I always wanted Mariniere tee but you can’t find things when they are not in trend. Like everyone else, I hoarded them as soon as they appeared. I like this Cotton World version the best — boat neck, three-fourth sleeves. Cotton World is a reliable friend for basics. I have two in black and white stripes and two in red. But What I am looking for is one a classic French Blue. Anyone know where I can find it?

See that print on the door. That’s Anokhi’s print for this month and I long for it. The dress was no friend of mine, but I might get the jacket.

Pants: The black version of the white Loft ones. These are a bit loose and need suspenders to haul them up.

Shoes: Blue suede slip ons from Clarks.

Accessories: These glasses. My father loves a touch of whimsy and he bought these in the early 1990s, much before a sperm named Harry Potter swam into the uterus of Rowling’s mind. He never got the glasses fitted and so I confiscated them. The rust plastic coating is what I have always loved.


Silver hoops in my ears and another Seiko watch to go with the maritime theme.

Closet Sweep: Day 6

On Saturday, I had to meet a boy before heading to work. A date with a 8-month-old calls for a lot of consideration. I wanted to be able to sit down and play with him. I was expecting drool, so the shirt had to be one that dried fast and camouflaged stains. Saurdays are pretty hectic for me, so I wear shoes I can kick off and specs to do some heavy proofing. I am naturally short-sighted and recent developments have lead to the medical advice that I wear contact lenses less.


Shirt: Vero Moda from outside Vile Parle Station. Bought three years ago. I loved the cut and it has been very enduring.

Pants: Linen wide-legs from H20. This shop always meets my linen pants needs.

Shoes: These very manly chappals from Hill Road. They are cushioned and need wide-legged pants to balance them out.


Accessories: No earrings. Only these specs from Colaba Causeway.


And a boyish Casio digital. It’s something like this, not the exact same. I bought it for TB, but it is really present for me.
The belt in the middle.
I think the boy approved. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. It helped that I brought him the best present EVER — A PAPER BAG!

Closet Sweep: Day 5

This might be a stupid stupid idea. I don’t have the stamina. So I wore this grey tee and threw on the bundi thinking it would look put together. In the afternoon, after I got to work, I remembered I had to go for the Winter-Autumn preview at D7. Of course. After all the sample-piece shopping I justify saying I can wear it to fashion events, I had to land up wearing a grey tee.


Shirt: Old navy basic. Roll-up tab sleeves. Colaba Causeway
Pants: Skinny Jeans from H2O
Vest: Wool. FabIndia
Shoes: Carlton London. Bestylish gave me a coupon when they launched and these seemed like a good idea. I ordered the wrong size first (Carlton London follows a different sizing chart. You need to order one size smaller than what you usually use) and they were very alert with the delivery, size advice and subsequent exchange. These are very comfortable, but I doubt the quality. I have only worn them thrice, and they already look worn.
Accessories: Since the clothes were dull, I tried to contrast with these chamak-challo silver and lapis lazuli earrings.


I wore my DE Seiko watch.


This is the bag I carried last week. It is copied from a French Connection model my friend has and modded to have more pockets. It’s roomy enough for a dabba and has no zip or button closure, but is keeps things safe.


Closet Sweep: Day 4

Right. The stress is tiring me. I only want to wear my skinny jeans and stripped tee for the foreseeable future and disable this blog. I am usually a spontaneous, messy dresser, and all this talk about my clothes is making me feel vacuous. Intellectuals don’t wear fresh clothes, don’t you know? Yesterday, I soldiered on with this. This, in my head, is a typical Bombay girl outfit. Functional, with ethnic accents.


Top: A much more flared version of the pin-tucked tops that appeared a few years ago and are now a mumsie staple. I love the flare and it is made of mul. Yesterday I wore a military green spaghetti tank inside. When I want to be more dressy, I skip that and screen the cleavage with a multi-strand necklace.

Pants: Skinny jeans from Gap, bought at H2O for Rs 850. Rolled up.

Shoes: Mojris (cushioned) for Rs 250 from Linking Road, Bandra. These were an afterthought to brighten up the outfit.


Accessories: When I dress drab, I usually just wear longer earrings or kajal to mimic an effort. Luckily my profession does not expect a dress code. I wore eight very thin hammered silver bangles and a danglers with emerald and rubies. With my current length of hair, I could wear puppy tails and it wouldn’t matter. Except to the puppy, I suppose.


Closet sweep: Day 3

It was going to be a day of shooting for Swasta Ani Masta, so I wanted something that kept me cool, covered my bum if I sat down and abetted walking.


Top: A grey silk tank from JCrew. As I mentioned here, I have been drawn to silk. I regret wearing this silk top so early in the game, cause I pair it with EVERYTHING.

Jacket: FabIndia. I had gift vouchers and since I rarely wear Indian wear, I was looking for stoles. I chanced upon this felted wool vest, which I am going to try to get lots of wear out of. It looked like a yummy cranberry under the yellow light of the store, but in daylight, it’s a deep maroon. Still a nice colour, though.

Trousers: Chemistry. Since I am such a chindhi shopper, it really takes the Gujju out of me to spend money in a shop. Bags and shoes I can justify playing full price for, but clothes is just so hard. And Chemistry disappointed me. The finishing on these pants is crap. The buttons hang by a few threads and the seam on the zipper placket is uneven. I love the material, colour and the way the pants fit, but the pockets are a sham.


Shoes: This is going to take a while. I always have a pair of these indigenous shoes about. I have a strange sort of sexual attachment to them. They are hand-woven in Kolhapur and are like no other shoes I know. They are a bit like huaraches and extremely versatile — I wear them at home, on the beach, at work, while driving, etc. Because they are so cheap (Rs 250 to 350) and light, they make great travelling shoes; you can walk them out and guiltless-ly discard them. I love feeling things with my feet, and these feed them sensually — the leather creaks when you walk, the soles are thin so you can feel the ground underneath and the shoes eventually take the shape of your feet. If they become loose, all you have to do is soak them in water and leave them to dry. The first time I wore them, I knew what Pratchett meant about Mister Vimes’s boots. Aesthetically, I love how rustic they look and the surprise ending they bring to an outfit.


Accessories: If I were allowed to own only one watch, it would be this G-Shock. It’s a present from my mishter, who buys me all my watches. I never take it off when I am travelling and it has the chime of money well-spent. In my ears were square geometric moonstone drops. Remind me to take a picture of my bag. I’m supposed to change that every week too. Also, I’ve discovered belts! They hold pants up! The closet is a magical wonderland if you are not lazy. One more thing, I pinned my hair up and used a barrette. I am the new sophisticate.


Closet Sweep: Day 2


Top: Mango Basic; Rs 550. Most High Street stores thoughtfully go on sale around my birthday. I love this colour and even though the tee has been discoloured in the back by bleach, I see no shame in wearing it.

Pants: Ann Taylor Loft from Bandra. Rs 400. I seek out linen pants; they are my work uniform. I bought two of the exact same pair in black about a year ago, and when I found them in white, for 250-bucks cheaper last Sunday, I couldn’t walk away. I have never worn white pants, but I had been educated about the correct underwear (the colour closest to your skin; not white), so wanted to test my knowledge. No one came and whispered to me, so that’s a victory. Pants that end at the ankles allow shoes to show off.


Shoes: It had to be these brogues from Clarks. They are well made and sturdy; and not Bangkok fadish. I bought them a year ago, but of course wear them rarely because they are so special.

Accessories: Most days, I would contrast; but I preferred to extend the cooling colour scheme with this scarf from The Shop. It is mul and has birdies!


In the hair were these pins, also bought on the weekend from Hill Road for Rs 35 each. Arrgh! Matching-matching!


I didn’t really have time to think about my accessories, so it was the small silver hoops of yesterday and this Titan watch I am sentimental about. It was bought in 2003 for Rs 3700 for a boyfriend I wanted to seduce. Sucker!