Closet Sweep: Day 4

Right. The stress is tiring me. I only want to wear my skinny jeans and stripped tee for the foreseeable future and disable this blog. I am usually a spontaneous, messy dresser, and all this talk about my clothes is making me feel vacuous. Intellectuals don’t wear fresh clothes, don’t you know? Yesterday, I soldiered on with this. This, in my head, is a typical Bombay girl outfit. Functional, with ethnic accents.


Top: A much more flared version of the pin-tucked tops that appeared a few years ago and are now a mumsie staple. I love the flare and it is made of mul. Yesterday I wore a military green spaghetti tank inside. When I want to be more dressy, I skip that and screen the cleavage with a multi-strand necklace.

Pants: Skinny jeans from Gap, bought at H2O for Rs 850. Rolled up.

Shoes: Mojris (cushioned) for Rs 250 from Linking Road, Bandra. These were an afterthought to brighten up the outfit.


Accessories: When I dress drab, I usually just wear longer earrings or kajal to mimic an effort. Luckily my profession does not expect a dress code. I wore eight very thin hammered silver bangles and a danglers with emerald and rubies. With my current length of hair, I could wear puppy tails and it wouldn’t matter. Except to the puppy, I suppose.



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