Closet Sweep: Day 5

This might be a stupid stupid idea. I don’t have the stamina. So I wore this grey tee and threw on the bundi thinking it would look put together. In the afternoon, after I got to work, I remembered I had to go for the Winter-Autumn preview at D7. Of course. After all the sample-piece shopping I justify saying I can wear it to fashion events, I had to land up wearing a grey tee.


Shirt: Old navy basic. Roll-up tab sleeves. Colaba Causeway
Pants: Skinny Jeans from H2O
Vest: Wool. FabIndia
Shoes: Carlton London. Bestylish gave me a coupon when they launched and these seemed like a good idea. I ordered the wrong size first (Carlton London follows a different sizing chart. You need to order one size smaller than what you usually use) and they were very alert with the delivery, size advice and subsequent exchange. These are very comfortable, but I doubt the quality. I have only worn them thrice, and they already look worn.
Accessories: Since the clothes were dull, I tried to contrast with these chamak-challo silver and lapis lazuli earrings.


I wore my DE Seiko watch.


This is the bag I carried last week. It is copied from a French Connection model my friend has and modded to have more pockets. It’s roomy enough for a dabba and has no zip or button closure, but is keeps things safe.



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