Closet sweep: Day 9

Meltdown. Don’t want to think about what to wear. But have interviews lines up.


Top: Zara tee, bought on sale. Also bought the navy blue one.

Jeans: Sykes straight fit. For a year now, I have been wearing extremely comfortable high waist skinnies, so these were a rude shock. They are low waist of the cruel kind — muffin top, ample crack display, cutting into the skin. I couldn’t wait to get out of these. I also have the same pair in a lighter wash. If they are your kind of jeans (waist 30) and are willing to reimburse me for the courier charges, they’re yours. Ping me at mitali.parekh at gmail.

Blazer: Mumbai is cooling down enough for a linen blazer in the evening. I bought this vintage one online and had it lined with yellow silk. Yellow and rose pink are my neutrals.

Shoes: Ochre T-straps with wingtip details. To echo the lining and break up the outfit.


Accessories: Silver hoops, G-shock watch and the red sling bag.

I didn’t look like I had just gotten out of bed and that was the look I was aiming for.


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