Closet sweep: Day 12


These are from last week. We’ve had a baby in the family (not mine, clearly. For if I had the power to plan outfits, photograph them AND push a human child out of my vagina, my abilities would know no bounds.)

Pleated trousers. Rs 200. Colaba Causeway. Have two pairs.
Tank: Very firm spaghetti Rs 150. Causeway.
Tee: Sparkly tee from Fashion Fever Forever. Rs 250. I’m into sequins and beads these days and I thought I could put this to use under a blazer. So promptly forgot about it after I bought it.
Cardigan: Short-sleeved. ColorPlus.
Shoes: Brown Mary Janes from Mancini in Tel Aviv. Bought four years ago, still going strong.

Closet Sweep is shaming me. I have too many clothes. The Swasta Ani Masta Garage Sale is a love-child of guilt and taste for cheap clothes, but that is not enough. Problem is, I hoard basics. If I find something comfortable and cheap, I buy two. And I can’t pass by something distinctive without buying it.
So this year, the resolution is to buy only distinctive pieces. Now excuse me while I go whip myself.


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