Closet Sweep: Days 16 and 17

Last week, I attended the wedding of a dearly cherished friend in Pune. I wish I could tell you more about it, but he’s a high-flying lawyer now and the Internet does not need to know what a low-life he really is. He is also son of the most charming man on earth. The man who introduced me to his granddaughter as, “This is sweet sweet Mitali. She’s a big princess.”
I laugh the most when I am in the company of TR and NS. When I have my own city and get to populate it with all the people I love, TR and NS are going to live right across the road. An evening with them fills me with sunshine, just like a meeting with Rio.

Have I told you about Rio?

***I digress***

Rio is a German Shepherd with floppy ears. He has conveniently moved into the building opposite us, and the minute we wake up, we go to the balcony to call out to him. He’s ferociously friendly — one hello, and he’s on his hind legs taking a closer look at your face; tall as a pony and as silly as a dandelion. Actually, he looks like a dandelion.


This is our first meeting. The neighbours sensed that we liked dogs (us jumping over the balcony to meet him might have given it away) and asked if we would baby-sit him while they ran errands. Me and TB sat on the sofa till he did a recce of the house, came back, climbed on the couch and wedged himself between us. I don’t think he noticed that TB was human and not part of the couch.

***I come back to the point***

SO! I was really excited about this wedding and since it was not family, I could dress eccentrically and pass off as the loony friend with a creative job.

This is what I wore to the cocktails


Dress: Red Valentino in champagne sequins. I hesitate to reveal how much I paid for this dress, lest you cast an evil eye. Let’s just say it was a figure between Rs 499 and 501. From Stall no 66, Fashion Street.


Jacket: Faux leather jacket for Rs 1500 from Kalapi.


Shoes: Naturalizer wedges for Rs 3500. At the end of the function, everyone was rushing to kick their heels of and make weak analogies about the pain. I was smiling and flipping my middle finger at fashion.


Accessories: Charles and Keith envelope bag on a chain, which I bought on sale in Singapore. A mixed material cocktail ring from Aquamarine for Rs 550. I didn’t wear any other accessories, seeing how I was wearing sequins and my rack.


This is what I wore for the wedding.


Blouse: Silk tank from JCrew. So, I get sari blouses stitched when I get a new sari. Then when I reach for them the second time, they don’t fit. It all ends in tears. Instead, now I wear maverick blouses and caramel custard for breakfast.

Sari: A light chiffon one with a velvet border. I needed to pack light.

Accessories: Gold bonanza, baby.

Shoes: Gold Kolhapuri chappals

This is the reception outfit


Blouse: JCrew silk tank in orange/rust. Clearly, I need nothing in my closet other than these silk tanks and the existing striped tees.

Skirt: Shaadi ka lehenga. Can someone make me a buckram to go under this?

Accessories: Stacked the bangles on one arm; gold cocktail ring on another and my grandmother’s chapla haar, which is so ugly it can only be an heirloom. But I wear it because I know it would annoy her.

Shoes: Naturalizers

The blazer is TB’s.

The outfits let me enjoy the evening without feeling uncomfortable, which is more important than looking good.