Closet Sweep: Day 21


Dress: What I suspect is an HM dress found on Hill Road. It has a nice geometrical print in white. I don’t wear red, I don’t wear flouncy dresses, but this one had my heart. However, it’s neckline is not accommodating or flattering, so this is only the third time I have worn it. I’ve tried it with an inner, under a sweater, but looks like it is going to have to go. Goodbye pretty red dress. Convo me if you want it.

Inner: A bottle green spaghetti tank.

Blazer: The Zara one. This outfit feels a little Duchess of Cambridge to me. Very girlie and pretty.

Shoes: These Bugati flats. Seriously, these are lined with virgin breasts. Not the silicon type. I also love how they are almost my skin colour.


Accessories: Ruby studs and this automatic Seiko.


Closet Sweep: Day 20


Top: From Fashion Street for Rs 200. I think it’s by ASOS. It’s biggest virtue is that it is loose enough to allow you to slip your hand in and scratch your belly. In office, it is called the Thakur shirt because it makes you armless. Jaison, my colleague and childhood friend, calls it the ABBA shirt. This shirt is VERY popular among name-callers.

Jeans: Mango

Shoes: The Woodlands ballet flats whose insole has completely come off.


Accessories: A crochet string that I bought on the recent trip to Pune from Either/Or at Sohrab Hall. It’s light and soft and unique. I’m wearing ruby studs in my ears and pinned up my bangs with this ceramic pin bought for Rs 15 from a local handloom exhibition.


Closet Sweep: Day 19


Shirt: Crane and pineapple print shirt from Chemistry. Whose button fell out the first time I wore it. If I lust about anything from Chemistry, feel free to reach into the monitor and slap me some sense.

Vest: From FabIndia. I’m going to make it work this winter like a child labourer in a sweatshop.

Jeans: Mango.

Shoes: Tasseled loafers from Charles and Keith that I bought on sale. My gay friends say I wear lesbian shoes and I take that as a compliment. One particular friend says I dress like a middle-aged Jewish lesbian. That is also a compliment.


Accessories: A strand of white studs, with dull gold chains criss-crossing over them. It’s totally not my style, but I bought it on a whim to add to my Bappi Lahiri collection of bling. It was a conversation piece all day. Also, the Titan watch


I wore the neck-piece under the collar to give TB 90s flashback fits. He said I looked like the cross-dressing editor of a leading national daily newspaper.

In the train and at work, I wore it more like this:


Closet Sweep: Day 18


Me and some colleagues planned to hit the Zara sale, so I wore something I could change out of quickly in the trial rooms, or try things on top of.

Maxi: Strapless maxi from, which is a jolly good helper. Nothing pleases it more than making you look like you are fashion forward, when actually you are too lazy to co-ordinate tops and bottoms, and wax.’s free worldwide shipping has enslaved me. I usually wear a turquoise linen shirt as a cover-up.

Shoes: What I have come to think of as Nazareth sandals, because a colleague says Jesus sandals is blasphemous. Rs 200 from Hill Road. I suspect they were made for men, but they are cushioned, so fuck you gender roles.


Jacket: Three-fourth sleeved Zara blazer. The operation was to go get this blazer in beige, but they were all sold out. I am not completely convinced pure white was the right alternative, but seeing how nice it looks, it might be worth the frequent dry-cleaning. The Sports team calls it ‘Meri Jung me ka Javed Jaffery ka jacket’. The next time those jocks ask for shopping advice, I’m going to make some very outrageous suggestions.

Accessories: I accessorize better in hindsight. That day, I set out with nothing in my ears, neck or wrists. However, I have been using these large Styrofoam flower pins, which looked like I hadn’t hit the ground running.