Closet Sweep: Day 18


Me and some colleagues planned to hit the Zara sale, so I wore something I could change out of quickly in the trial rooms, or try things on top of.

Maxi: Strapless maxi from, which is a jolly good helper. Nothing pleases it more than making you look like you are fashion forward, when actually you are too lazy to co-ordinate tops and bottoms, and wax.’s free worldwide shipping has enslaved me. I usually wear a turquoise linen shirt as a cover-up.

Shoes: What I have come to think of as Nazareth sandals, because a colleague says Jesus sandals is blasphemous. Rs 200 from Hill Road. I suspect they were made for men, but they are cushioned, so fuck you gender roles.


Jacket: Three-fourth sleeved Zara blazer. The operation was to go get this blazer in beige, but they were all sold out. I am not completely convinced pure white was the right alternative, but seeing how nice it looks, it might be worth the frequent dry-cleaning. The Sports team calls it ‘Meri Jung me ka Javed Jaffery ka jacket’. The next time those jocks ask for shopping advice, I’m going to make some very outrageous suggestions.

Accessories: I accessorize better in hindsight. That day, I set out with nothing in my ears, neck or wrists. However, I have been using these large Styrofoam flower pins, which looked like I hadn’t hit the ground running.


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