Closet Sweep: Day 19


Shirt: Crane and pineapple print shirt from Chemistry. Whose button fell out the first time I wore it. If I lust about anything from Chemistry, feel free to reach into the monitor and slap me some sense.

Vest: From FabIndia. I’m going to make it work this winter like a child labourer in a sweatshop.

Jeans: Mango.

Shoes: Tasseled loafers from Charles and Keith that I bought on sale. My gay friends say I wear lesbian shoes and I take that as a compliment. One particular friend says I dress like a middle-aged Jewish lesbian. That is also a compliment.


Accessories: A strand of white studs, with dull gold chains criss-crossing over them. It’s totally not my style, but I bought it on a whim to add to my Bappi Lahiri collection of bling. It was a conversation piece all day. Also, the Titan watch


I wore the neck-piece under the collar to give TB 90s flashback fits. He said I looked like the cross-dressing editor of a leading national daily newspaper.

In the train and at work, I wore it more like this:


3 thoughts on “Closet Sweep: Day 19

  1. I don’t mean to be a fangirl but I love several things about your blog that I will now proceed to list:

    – I love your style and the fact that you don’t stick to one kind of look (dare I call it bohemian?)
    – I love the fact that much of your wardrobe is either tailor-made or bought off the streets/cheap shops.and doesn’t come from big brands
    – The way you put clothes together is instructive and since I’m always behind on work, I don’t expend as much energy as I would like on my style. Your closet sweep is inspiring. I will dress more intelligently today.
    – I love the accompanying humor and I identify with the attitude, I would also consider lesbian shoes to be a compliment

    Just thought I’d chime in since I came back to your blog after a hiatus of several months, and it just made a gloomy day more interesting. Shukran, for that.

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