Closet Sweep: Day 20


Top: From Fashion Street for Rs 200. I think it’s by ASOS. It’s biggest virtue is that it is loose enough to allow you to slip your hand in and scratch your belly. In office, it is called the Thakur shirt because it makes you armless. Jaison, my colleague and childhood friend, calls it the ABBA shirt. This shirt is VERY popular among name-callers.

Jeans: Mango

Shoes: The Woodlands ballet flats whose insole has completely come off.


Accessories: A crochet string that I bought on the recent trip to Pune from Either/Or at Sohrab Hall. It’s light and soft and unique. I’m wearing ruby studs in my ears and pinned up my bangs with this ceramic pin bought for Rs 15 from a local handloom exhibition.


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