Closet Sweep: Day 25


Tunic: Bershka, from Apparel for Rs 650. It is now also available at For Ever (Hill Road, Bandra) for 500 bucks or less.

Tights: Dark Blue.

Shoes: Clarks.


Accessories: Seiko Watch
I love this tunic, but wear only in winter because I can’t see it over jeans. However, the stockings got a run in them and by the end of the day, I had a spider web on my knee. Furthermore, the shoes really cornered an ingrown nail, who took it out on my toe. AND then I had to go chase a story, on a bike, cementing a long-held belief that the universe is not kind to those who wear heels. It could just be me.

Closet Sweep: Day 24


Tee: Striped tee from Cotton World
Pants: Gap jeans
Shoes: Vintage revived Adidas from Prompt service and I got them on sale. A pair of blue suede Adidas served me through five years of college, but in the following years, running shoes either became thick-soled pogo-sticks or sleek enough to give you Lotus feet. However, these shoes are so true to the original that the tongue is un-cushioned and cuts into the foot, even through socks. Guys, cheat a little.


Accessories: Bloom broach from Chemistry; Yellow Pashmina; G-Shock Watch.

When I need to feel cute, I blow-dry my fringe straight, wear my hair up and put on a striped tee. It works so well, I’m tempted to get rid of most of my wardrobe at the next garage sale and keep only the silk tanks and my striped tees. They go with everything without looking bland and I don’t have to think about what to wear every morning. And I *do* feel like wearing them every day, so it’s not deprivation at all.

This outfit was built around those shoes, and the co-ordination with the scarf was just a happy co-incidence because I own so much yellow.

Closet Sweep: Day 23


Top: Mul top from The Shop
Pants: Gap Jeans
Shoes: Male chappals
Accessories: Casio G-Shock. I have given up wearing earrings since my hair now covers my ears.

So I like mul, Chinese shirts and the colour green; hence the top. You know what has been liberating? Owning only two pairs of jeans. I alternate them every week, and since the Zara one is such a good fit, it feels like real paisa-vasool.