Closet Sweep: Day 34


Shirt: The shirt of weariness that accentuates lop-sided boobs, or gives you the appearance of them, if you so wish. From FabIndia. A shirt that FEELS better than it looks. I’m going through a funk right now and it shows in the clothes and general cussedness.

Pants: Gap jeans

Shoes: Jesus chappals

Accessories: I had to head out to the Kala Ghoda festival afterwards, so I just threw on a durakh shawl which saved the day. I looked Kala Ghoda types. Silver earrings and GShock watch


My hair has feathers in it. My most inventive and cheap hairdresser braided them in. I went for black wool with blue, purple and a peacock feather to end it all. I’m too restless and cheap for highlights.

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