Closet Sweep: Day 43 to Why-the-Fuck-Did-I-Promise-This day

Essentially, I am vomiting my looks out. Sorry about the mess. After this, we’ll talk about books and quantum physics because I am uni-dimensional enough to think fashion and intellect are mutually exclusive. Now you know what I think of myself.


This is still from the sombre week, I am guessing.

Pants: Gap skinnies
Cardigan: H&M
Shirt: Black ASOS (Rs 200, Fashion Street)
Shoes: Red mojris (Rs 200, Linking Road)
Watch: Swatch Touch
Bag: Office sling

I was heading out the door in my nearly mono-tone outfit, when my SIL from Canada came home. She’s particularly gifted in choosing the right presents, and for that, gets an extra serving of my affection. She brought me the watch and cardi — both my favourite colours and colour-blocked my outfit just like that.
The cardi is perfect because:
a) It’s not one of those shrunken ones that look XS when buttoned, even when they are XXL.
b) Three-fourth sleeves


I know this is the next day because I couldn’t wait to wear the cardigan again. It was a Saturday and I was a nursery school teacher.

Skirt: A line, Earth Something. One of those Earth Mother stores that turn human turds into fragrant incense. I love the colour, the geometrical pattern and A-line skirt is great for travelling within India — your legs are covered up, you can go to religious places and the clothes don’t soil with whatever is on the public toilet floor.

Top: Rs 150 navy blue tank

Shoes: Mancini brown Mary Janes


Dress: From The Shop. It’s complicated, so I had to buy it. The dress has no side seams; the panels are open and you tie it the front and then at the back. This makes support-wear tricky — what’s the point of buying a airy dress if you need so much support inside.

Inside: Cycling shorts from the 90s (I was taking this challenge VERY seriously); tank top


Chappals: Coral and gold from the streets.
I’m going to wear this with a churidaar next.

And then it got really hot and I wore this:


Dress: Nightie from The Shop
Jacket: Linen from Lokhandwala
Shoes: Dansko Sandals

As you might know, Tushar has strong opinions about my clothes (and I have strong opinions about his nose). And he tried his hardest not to let me go out in a short nightie. And because I have a 13-year-old’s regard for authority, I went ahead anyway. It’s the small wins that add up.


This is a lot more recent than the rest, which is untruthful to the chronology of puking. I hope you don’t mind.

Top: Navy blue tee with pocket from Cotton World. Very nice grown up tee.
Pants: White, I like white pants now. Rs 200, Fashion street. They have roll-up tabs, but I prefer wearing them like belted trousers. Just a few days before this I was wondering why I buy so many pants and then it got hot and sweat trickled down my hairy legs and I remembered why. You are welcome for the image.
Scarf: From Causeway. Like colours and tassels.
Shoes: Mancini Mary Janes


This was one of the blah days in between.

Top: The Cotton World Tee in Pink
Jeans: Mango
Blazer: Vintage Missoni
Accessories: Three-strand chain off Hill Road
Shoes: Suede loafers from Clarks.

I put the jacket on just to look ready enough for work.


This is what I wore on the first day of the fashion week, because I was feeling cheeky. And then I felt stupid. I call it the Tintin look.

Shirt: The chaddi shirt
Pants: Chemistry let-down pants
Shoes: Clarks Brogues
Vest: Tushar’s
Accessories: Yellow socks, my dad’s round glasses and some watch.

I am through 70-80 per cent of my wardrobe and there is a lot more, but I don’t think I can continue this. see you when I have something nice to wear and share.