Allo peoples,
I has done something stupid. I’ve quit my very rewarding and satisfying job to become a freelance travel (and otherwise) writer and closet consultant. I am terrified and excited at the same time. And grateful.
Making this choice was not easy. I worked at that newspaper for nearly seven years and this *dilemma of choosing between a fulfilling vocation in a place with enviably talented people who cast about fun; and an abyss that may hold secret treasures, is of the best kind. I wish it upon all of you.
But it was time for bigger things and to recognise what I want, which is simpler things. I am not terribly ambitious and want to distribute my attention among various interests — animals, clothes and exploration. I felt my world shrink and shape my work accordingly.
So now I’m on my own. And I need your help.
One of the things I want to change is that I don’t have intimate knowledge of any Indian city other than Bombay. I’ve had brief affairs with Pune and enjoyed them, but I’m a fair weather friend. Where do you live? Can I come over? I’m not weird at all and have an all-India Press Club membership. Press Clubs have cheap booze. We can go. I promise I won’t get you drunk and murder you. Here are my other Unique Selling Points:

1. I am a responsible houseguest.
2. I make my own meals and don’t need chaperoning or entertaining.
3. I may be able to correct your canine’s troublesome behaviour (some of it).
4. I can edit your wardrobe.

*The opposite of Horns of a Dilemma. Is there a term for this?


13 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hey Tatya, I’ve been following your blog for quite a while. Do check out our website – Tripvillas and let me know if you can do any work for us. I live overseas and happy to have you at any of my homes in India – no charges but maybe you can do some accessorizing at each in return.

  2. Are you only travel writing about India or is that just the starting point? If you plan to go worldwide you would be a welcome guest at purs in Singapore. And had you asked me two months ago London but we are on a new adventure ourselves so London maybe in a decade or so. Email me if you are keen.
    Ps. No canine but small very active child warning.

    • I am travelling overseas, but the irony is that I have lots of people in Abroadlands and very few here. I’m really interested in seeing smaller cities in India. Thank you so much for your offer. I am good with kids too.

  3. Congrats Mitali! That is a bold move that will most definitely be super rewarding…so happy for you. Good luck with everything and if your travels bring you to NYC, you know who to call.

  4. If you need to visit Goa let me know. My mum stays there and would be happy to have you. Our beloved dog died a few years ago but she’s recently adopted a cat who acts more like a dog:-)

  5. Im in goa, Im a foodie, I am THAT CLOSE to adopting a dog (but afraid to commit) and am also self-employed and seeking that elusive thing called “financial security”.. Holler if you ever want to visit!

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