Day 25: Divine plan

M: Look at this cathedral. You’re supposed to contemplate on certain questions at certain questions. There’s a map!
J: I can do that here.
M: But you’ll find answers there. Like what God wants you to do.
J: I know what god wants me to do. He wants me to have babies. Lots of fat babies.
M: That’s your divine purpose?
J: That’s right. He said go forth and multiple. And he didn’t mean maths.
M: What if he did mean maths?

*** Bonus***

W: We thought you didn’t want to come out for a smoke.
K: I didn’t know how to start the next para.

Day 23: Lagging behind

It’s very important for me to be entertained at my work place. The jobs that I wanted to quit within months of joining were not the ones that paid the least or demanded the most — they were those where colleagues were humorless or uninteresting.
A 14-hour ordeal can be looked forward to when there are colleagues make inappropriate jokes, are quick on the uptake, cross-reference across mediums, up for pranks, don’t take themselves too seriously, and are enthusiastic about food.
It’s what I love about my office.

Day 22: Paranoid

You know what would be a good Facebook ap? A name tag. Like photo tag. So you know when your friends are talking about you.
Like: See conversations about Educated Tatya. Or Educated Tatya has just been mentioned in a private conversation between Colleague and The Police.