On my 30th birthday

The bartender is busy buying a drink and chatting up the Swedish volunteer. Your weapon is pointed politeness. “Sean, if you have the time, may I have a glass of water please?”. He is 18 but looks 23 and starts speaking to you in Hebrew to rile you. “Mala fakta ek glass paani havai. Ekach glass. Nantar tula havi tevdhi teechi gaand mar,” you say with an eager smile. This goes on till he relents.
One of your friends tries to get the bar to sing happy birthday. They start off and try to identify the person they are singing for and it dies off. At 18, this would have crushed you and sent you to the bottom of the arak bottle. At 30, you laugh your head off.
Suitably buzzed, you walk slowly back home, glad for your warm coat. You stop to stare at the flickering lights of distant kibbutzims and Druze villages. You pass the scarlet poppies that make your heart leap and consider doing what you feel like each time you pass them by.
Your coat is warm, the members are asleep and your impulsive buy is keeping you warm. The closed one at your right shoulder does not mind; the taller one on your left is looking the other way.
The universe did not align all its complexities so that you would pass a patch of poppies and not lie among them.

3 thoughts on “On my 30th birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, from a fellow Aquarian 🙂 When was it?
    Apart from that idiot Sean and the no-show singing bar, it sounds like you had an interesting birthday. On my birthday I have always wanted to be in a new place doing something different. Nothing makes you feel more alive!
    Here’s wishing you a lots of great things and bliss all year round.

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