Closet sweep: Day 3

It was going to be a day of shooting for Swasta Ani Masta, so I wanted something that kept me cool, covered my bum if I sat down and abetted walking.


Top: A grey silk tank from JCrew. As I mentioned here, I have been drawn to silk. I regret wearing this silk top so early in the game, cause I pair it with EVERYTHING.

Jacket: FabIndia. I had gift vouchers and since I rarely wear Indian wear, I was looking for stoles. I chanced upon this felted wool vest, which I am going to try to get lots of wear out of. It looked like a yummy cranberry under the yellow light of the store, but in daylight, it’s a deep maroon. Still a nice colour, though.

Trousers: Chemistry. Since I am such a chindhi shopper, it really takes the Gujju out of me to spend money in a shop. Bags and shoes I can justify playing full price for, but clothes is just so hard. And Chemistry disappointed me. The finishing on these pants is crap. The buttons hang by a few threads and the seam on the zipper placket is uneven. I love the material, colour and the way the pants fit, but the pockets are a sham.


Shoes: This is going to take a while. I always have a pair of these indigenous shoes about. I have a strange sort of sexual attachment to them. They are hand-woven in Kolhapur and are like no other shoes I know. They are a bit like huaraches and extremely versatile — I wear them at home, on the beach, at work, while driving, etc. Because they are so cheap (Rs 250 to 350) and light, they make great travelling shoes; you can walk them out and guiltless-ly discard them. I love feeling things with my feet, and these feed them sensually — the leather creaks when you walk, the soles are thin so you can feel the ground underneath and the shoes eventually take the shape of your feet. If they become loose, all you have to do is soak them in water and leave them to dry. The first time I wore them, I knew what Pratchett meant about Mister Vimes’s boots. Aesthetically, I love how rustic they look and the surprise ending they bring to an outfit.


Accessories: If I were allowed to own only one watch, it would be this G-Shock. It’s a present from my mishter, who buys me all my watches. I never take it off when I am travelling and it has the chime of money well-spent. In my ears were square geometric moonstone drops. Remind me to take a picture of my bag. I’m supposed to change that every week too. Also, I’ve discovered belts! They hold pants up! The closet is a magical wonderland if you are not lazy. One more thing, I pinned my hair up and used a barrette. I am the new sophisticate.


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