God, I need to write here

I really want to write more here. But either I am exhausted or just don’t have the mind mechanisms to sculpt a post (what’s point if I don’t do it the way I want to?) or I just run out of enthusiasm.
This blog has been the main casualty of me becoming more engaged in life. I switched departments about three years ago and now instead of pretending to edit while blogging, I have to write. So I find myself saving the best puns and turns of phrases for those who pay me for them. And promise a wider audience.
The easiest thing I can do is write about my shoes and I am fighting very much against turning this into a fashion blog.
My work is more rewarding that I expected it to be. I’m still not sure whether I should talk about it. Will that jinx it or push positivity into unblinking face of the universe? What is the current wisdom on this?
Anyway, one of my joys is being able to torment bright young people and relentlessly bully them. There have been threats of complaining to the HR department, but those guys will probably just patent this as a training program. Sometimes the chicks survive and shame me.
One such is my Chutki, the annoying Gujju intern. She is also responsible for helping me cross No 20 off my Life List. Sonal Ved is now an independent food writer of some dispute. She blogs at When Harry met Celery about the fantastic vegetarian food she claims to make.

I have not yet tasted said food and can’t confirm she actually makes all this. As we say in the business, the food she allegedly makes.

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