Closet Sweep: Day 42


Top: Mango basic
Skirt: Applique skirt from Colaba. I wore this once more, when the weather got warmer, with a muslin racer-back. It has since been set out to graze; the applique’s fraying.

Vest: FabIndia bundi that I put on without realizing it would pick out colours from the skirt. A surprisingly nice finish. I should have bought the camel one while it was still available.

Accessories: Charcoal gray stockings from some drugstore. It was the kind of day when my mother would say, “Stockings ghaal” if I was in school. Seiko watch.

Shoes: Danskos. Stockings and sandals is such a late 70s/80s look. It reminds me of my childhood. I really heart it.

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