Closet sweep: Day 15


In which I dress like a nursery teacher.

Top: Pale pink silk. It doesn’t work magic with pants, so I gave it a try with this skirt.

Skirt: Actually a strapless dress. But I like shin length skirts, so I wear it as one.

Shoes: The black version of these new flats I bought on NYE at 10 pm. If the universe did not want me to shop, it wouldn’t leave Bugati shoes lined with marshmallows for me to find. They are for Rs 650 and that warranted I buy both colours. They have this ingenious little elastic at the back which holds them in place.


They didn’t have enough pieces for me to list them on SaM, but if you follow me on Twitter, I hope you went and bought these immediately.


Accessories: Silver Streak in Khar and Bandra does silver exchanges. So my wealth of silver glasses, plates, and broken odds-and-ends has been converted to a intricately carved clutch bag and some new pieces, like these earrings.

a href=”” title=”Photo1(4) by Slumberbum, on Flickr”>Photo1(4)

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