Closet Sweep: Day 21


Dress: What I suspect is an HM dress found on Hill Road. It has a nice geometrical print in white. I don’t wear red, I don’t wear flouncy dresses, but this one had my heart. However, it’s neckline is not accommodating or flattering, so this is only the third time I have worn it. I’ve tried it with an inner, under a sweater, but looks like it is going to have to go. Goodbye pretty red dress. Convo me if you want it.

Inner: A bottle green spaghetti tank.

Blazer: The Zara one. This outfit feels a little Duchess of Cambridge to me. Very girlie and pretty.

Shoes: These Bugati flats. Seriously, these are lined with virgin breasts. Not the silicon type. I also love how they are almost my skin colour.


Accessories: Ruby studs and this automatic Seiko.


6 thoughts on “Closet Sweep: Day 21

  1. does it have straps? can you try and knot them to get the neckline to sit higher? I cant see if it has straps from the picture, so might be completely wrong. ..worth a shot though

  2. I don’t think shipping will be an issue either, considering I work near VT too. Can you gimme a contact number/email id so we can coordinate?

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